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GiliSoft File Lock Pro
GiliSoft File Lock Pro
GiliSoft File Lock Pro solves your security issues by preventing unauthorised access to your private data using military strength encryption and password protection. This tool is especially useful for protecting data in transit because it can create self-extracting and self-decrypting compressed archives that can only be decrypted using the original password. Now, you can email or transport your data in complete confidence knowing that your protected data is immune from attack, even in DOS and Windows safe mode.
Product Information of GiliSoft File Lock Pro


    GiliSoft File Lock Pro is an absolute must have folder hiding and encryption program that will provide you with the protection, security, and confidence that you need. Our folder security software will allow you to easily hide files along with your most sensitive and important data. If you have important pictures, photos, mp3s, or even porn on your computer, don't rest unless GiliSoft File Lock Pro has completely hidden the folders which will prevent others from viewing it!

Data Security Tools

GiliSoft File Lock Pro  for Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000 brings affordable and military strength encryption solutions to your security issues by preventing unauthorised access to your private data and PC settings by local, network or Internet users. Your protected items can be quickly and easily rendered invisible, inaccessible or read-only to other users but are instantly accessible when you need them.
GiliSoft File Lock Pro encrypts and hides groups of files as well as folders and disk drives.

Why Security Tools?

The functionality of GiliSoft File Lock Pro software is so varied that we are now secure from many different problems. I live in a large family and the kids like playing with my laptop. So, I just had to hide some files and folders so that they weren't able to delete them by chance.