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Gilisoft Privacy Protector User Guide

How to install GiliSoft Privacy Protector?

Download Gilisoft Privacy Protector from the button below.
After downloading, please run the setup file, then follow the wizard to complete installation.
Set your password for the account of Gilisoft Privacy Protector when you run at the first time.
Note: Make sure to remember your password or keep it in a safe place, because you can not run this program without it

How to uninstall GiliSoft Privacy Protector?

Click "Uninstall GiliSoft Privacy Protector" from the Start Menu.
Enter uninstall password.
Click the OK button to continue the uninstall progress.
Note: 1. If you uninstall the progtam,the locked data will not be protected. 2. Before uninstalling the program, please backup the data on private disk into your safe place.

How to hide files/folders/drives?

Gilisoft Privacy Protector can hide files/folders on local disk or hide disk to help users protect privacy, if you need hide files on USB disks, please use GiliSoft File Lock Pro.

1. How to hide files?

Run Gilisoft Privacy Protector and then click on the "Hide Data " module.
You can select "Hiding Files" under the module of "Hide Data ".
Click on the "Add File(s)" button to select the file you want to hide. Then they will be add to the list. You can add files as many as you want.
Click on the "Hide File(s)" button to hide.

2. How to hide folder?

3. How to hide disks?

How to lock local files/folders/drives with password?

Gilisoft Privacy Protector can lock files/folders on local disk or lock disk to help users protect privacy, if you need lock files on USB disks, please use GiliSoft File Lock Pro.

1. How to lock files?

2. How to lock folder?

3. How to lock disks?

How to deny write local files/folders/drives?

1. How to deny write files?

2. How to deny write folder?

3. How to deny write disks?

How to change or retrieve password of GiliSoft Privacy Protector?

To retrieve the password, you can click "Retrieve Password" button, the password will be sent into your e-mail box.

How to access the locked folders/drives?

Double click the locked file, folder or drive.
Enter the master password of privacy protector to acess it.

After open the locked data, please close the explorer window after read it. As you know, the data will be protected again automatically with Privacy Protector.

How to securely delete data on local disk or on an external hard drive?

Using the Safe Delete options you can select and securely delete any of files on your PC.

1. How to securely delete files?

2. How to securely delete folders?

3. How to securely delete entire hard drive?

How to secure clean the free space on drive?

Using the Safe Delete->Wipe disks->Clean Free Space function, you can safely delete the free space on your disk.

How to use private disk?

We suggest you save your personal information on the Private Disk to protect your privacy.

If you want to uninstall GiliSoft Privacy Protector, please backup the data on private disk into your safe place.

How to clean up all traces of your computer activity?

We suggest you use the Erase History options you can clean up all traces of your computer activity.

1. How to erase the Windows history?

2. How to erase the Application history?

3. How to erase the Internet history?

Gilisoft Privacy Protector

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