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How to Password Protect a Folder on CD/DVD?

The following post explains how to password protect data on CDs and DVDs. Please note that this method is only working with data CDs or DVDs and not audio or video CDs or DVDs that shall be played in standalone players. You can however use the method to encrypt a video DVD or audio CD and play it on the computer.

There are some ways to password protect data on CD/DVD is to use encryption. It would theoretically be possible to zip or compress the files and use a password to protect them which would however mean that the data would need to be uncompressed before it could be used.

All you need to password protect CDs or DVDs is using GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator. The encryption software has a built-in CD and DVD burner that can create discs that have both a public area and a secure area . These secure area is password protected and can only be accessed if the correct password is supplied. The user does not need GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator on the other hand to access the CDs and DVDs.

The following steps will tell us how to use Gilisoft Secure Disc Creator to password protect a folder on CD/DVD.

Please refer to the screenshot below with Arabic numerals step by step, and there are detailed instructions below the screenshot

Insert a blank or erasable disc into your recorder and Select Recorder form device list.
Click on the "Add File" button,and add files into secure are or public area.
Click on the "Burn" button to start burning your disc.

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