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Video Editor

Video Editor for Windows 11

Gilisoft Video Editor is one of the easiest but powerfull video editing software for tampering with Music and Video file which provides a lot of functionalities like video cut, batch cut, join video, video split, reverse video, video enhancement, video to gif, collage(split screen), compress video(resize video) , add watermark, remove watermark, add subtitle, add text to video, add audio, filter, adjust speed(Fast Motion), crop video, rotate video , mirror effect, picture in piture, extract frame, gif maker, video stabilizer, convert 2D video to 3D, download video from youtube, beat video maker, Text to Audio, Audio to Text, Video to SRT.
Gilisoft Video Editor can intelligently analyze the video materials you add, flexibly adopt the non re encoding technology, so that it has super fast video cut and video merging functions. It can not only cut out multiple video clips you need from a long video, but also cut multiple videos in batches at a time. For video merging, you have a lot of transition effect to choose. You can also specify a video file you add to reference its format as the output format. This allows you to avoid knowing much about video, including what resolution, frame rate, code rate, and sampling rate.

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Gilisoft Video Editor is lite verison of  Video Editor Pro

Exclusive Features of Video Editor

Powerful Video Cutting Function

It is common to shoot far more footage than you actually need and choose only the best material for the final edit. Easy Cutter of GiliSoft Video Editor can easily cut a long video file into many smaller different video parts with no quality loss. Often you will shoot several versions (takes) of a shot and choose the best one when editing. Batch Cutter of GiliSoft Video Editor helps you cut multiple video files at the same time in batch mode.

Advanced Video Cutting Function

Advanced Cutter of GiliSoft Video Editor helps you cut video into several parts and provides lots of video editing functions to make a great home movie: adding watermarks, adding subtitles, video rotation, video cropping, brightness adjustment, filter effects and so on while video cutting. Many videos can be dramatically improved by simply getting rid of the flawed or unwanted bits. Advanced Cutter also supports deleting unwanted video clips from video file.

Powerful Video Joiner

Joiner of GiliSoft Video Editor is a professional video file joining tool which join or merge multiple video files into a large one. Users can choose whether to add the fade in/out and effect to videos by their own wills,it supports 300 transitions effects (2D/3D). It supports joining the same format video files without encoding SUPER-FAST merge and supports joining different formats of video files and select any format one of the file as the output format, or set a custom output format.

Powerful Video Splitter

Splitter of GiliSoft Video Editor is perfect video splitting software to split video files into several segments easily and fast. It supports splitting by time, for example every 600 seconds (5 minutes) per segment. It supports splitting by file size, such as 100 megabytes per segment. It supports customize Split, you can set the Split Point by hand.

Adjust Speed, Magic Enhance, Effects

Effect of GiliSoft Video Editor helps you adjust video speed, magic enhance video quality, add picture effects (Black and White, Old Film, Embossment, Carving, Wood Carving, Pencil, Posterize, Oil Painting, Mosaic, Negative, Glow, Haze, Fog, Motion Blur) or 187 filter effecs to video. It supports instant preview, you also can adjust video brightness, contrast, and saturation at the same time.

Add Watermark, Make Picture in Picture Video

Watermark of GiliSoft Video Editor is a full-featured yet easy-to-use software that allows placing a digital watermark or logo or text or video, animated gifs over an existing video in the batch mode. Watermarks can be used for protection or adding comments to your movies. You may impose watermark on a whole video file or on a specified section of the movie.

Add Text/Subtitle to Video

Subtitle of GiliSoft Video Editor is an application that allows you to permanently embed subtitles in videos. It means that you do not have to have, and run, separate files for video and its subtitles. Instead, the subtitle file will be merged with the video file and converted into one new file. It supports ASS, SRT subtitle format, you can instantly preview the effect, and can dynamically adjust the subtitle font and position.

Adjust Volume/Add Music

Sometimes music can have a dramatic effect on our perception of a video – no matter whether it’s a movie, a commercial, or a video presentation. But what if all you have is silent footage or a video with just a few snippets of voice commentary that really needs some music to make it interesting? With Add Music of GiliSoft Video Editor, you can easily add an audio track in MP3, WMA, OGG, or FLAC format to your MP4, AVI, or any other format video and save it as a new video.

Rotate Video

It’s an error made by many. When filming with your cellphone, or even a real video camera, you’re not always thinking about ‘orientation’ – whether you’re filming in portrait or landscape. Some devices take into account every flick of your wrist, but most don’t, and you end up with a video that’s rotated by 90 degrees. Rotate of GiliSoft Video Editor may help you rotate video file and it works pretty well.

Easy Video Cropper

There will undoubtedly be times when you need to crop your videos to remove any unwanted areas. For example, when you got some video files with black bars on top and bottom or you want to crop videos with large dimensions to fit the small screen of devices. Cropper of GiliSoft Video Editor is a powerful video editor that not only crop your video files, but also allows you to enhance the video with visual effects, titles and more.

GIF Maker

Gif Maker of Gilisoft Video Editor is a dedicated GIF maker software through which you can create a GIF with video or convert photos into animated GIF. As it supports almost all video formats, hence you don’t need to worry about the video format before adding it to this software.

Video to Photo

It is used to capture images from videos in high quality, used to make an image sequence from video. Video to JPG converter can convert Video files to JPG (JPEG Image) image,Convert any video to an image sequence

Video Compression

When a video file takes up too much space on your hard drive or doesn’t fit on the memory card for your portable device, you’ll need to compress it. And you’ll want that compression to be lossless, i.e., without any significant loss of quality. Video compression of GiliSoft Video Editor provides a wide range of conversion presets for most mobile devices and websites.

Video Enhancement

Color adjustment tools let you increase video quality manually and are very easy to use. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Highlights, Gamma, Shadows, Hue, Temperature, Tint – everything to help the beginner create a professional-looking result. Night video enhancement techniques are widely used for identifying suspicious activities captured by night visual surveillance systems.

Video Stabilizer

A stable video is more pleasant to watch and share on social media. Convert your shaky video into a smooth, motion stabilized one. It supports any video format - MP4, AVI, 3GP, and many more!

2D to 3D Video Converter

Convert usual 2D movies and any 2D video files into fantastic 3D format. Supporting different types of 3D technique (3 Anaglyph, 2 Side by Side, 2 Top and Bottom options) this 3D video converting software delivers the output video of the same high quality as the original file, adding to it the magic of 3D!

Video downloader

A Video Downloader is a software application or online tool that allows users to download video content from various websites onto their device. These videos may include movies, TV shows, music videos, educational content or any other video content that is available online. Users typically use Video Downloaders to save their favorite video content to their device to watch later, without worrying about internet connectivity or data usage.

Beat Video Maker

A beat video maker typically includes features and tools to synchronize the video content with music. These features may include the ability to cut and trim video clips to match the music beat, add and adjust visual effects, and sync audio and visual elements to specific beats in a song. Depending on the software or tool being used, the beat video maker may also include features for adding text, voice-overs, or special effects, enhancing the overall quality and visual appeal of the video.

Video Beacuty

Video Beauty Face features typically include tools for smoothing skin, reducing blemishes, brightening eyes, and enhancing features such as lips, cheeks, and eyebrows. Some software may also offer advanced editing options, such as real-time facial recognition and tracking, color correction, and the ability to apply various filters and effects. With Video Beauty Face, video creators, and editors can make comprehensive and subtle adjustments to improve the appearance of a person's face in a video, ensuring that they look their best throughout the video production.

PPT to Video

PPT to Video and Documents to Video are features that enable users to convert PowerPoint presentations and other documents into video formats. These features can be particularly useful for creating video content for training, marketing, and educational purposes. PPT to Video converts PowerPoint presentations into videos, allowing users to add animations, voiceovers, and other multimedia content. This feature is useful for professionals who want to create engaging presentations that can be viewed without requiring the recipients to have PowerPoint installed.

AI Frame Interpolation

AI Frame Interpolation is a feature that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create additional frames in a video to smooth out motion and improve the overall video quality. This feature is particularly useful for improving the visual quality of low frame rate videos, including animations, slow-motion videos, and sports broadcasts. AI Frame Interpolation works by analyzing the existing frames in a video, then using machine learning algorithms to predict what the intermediate frames would look like.

Video to SRT, Audio to SRT

Subtitle Extractor is a feature that allows users to extract subtitles or captions from video files, specifically from MP4 and MKV files. This feature is particularly useful for adding captions to videos for accessibility purposes, translation, or editing purposes. Users can extract both soft subtitles and hardcoded subtitles from the video or audio files.

Testimonials Reviews

“I love this application! I use it for my YouTube videos and its easy to use. It really helps make my videos look professional. 5 stars all the way!”

- Liza Brown

“Someone told me last Saturday about GiliSoft and I tried it. I was very impressed. It is user-friendly with lots of effects. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to make and edit video's. ”

- Morrow George

“Usually Video Editing Software need computer with high spec, but gilisoft can run smoothly in normal Laptop. Beside that gilisoft video editor is easy to use, they provide user to choose easy mode or advance mode. Overall I am very satisfied of using Gilisoft video editor".

- Kimberly Murrow

“This is the best video editing software I have ever used. Not that I've used lots, but enough to have been plenty disappointed up until now!”

- Jenny Halasz

“Best Video Editing software - I mainly use the program to convert videos to a format that my smart TV and DVR/medis player can work with!”

- Steve Gold

“Thank you very much. It seems to be working great now. I like the joiner program because it is fast at just joining them without re encoding and losing quality.”

- Patrick Nolan

“It worked like a champ .. I recorded two short wmv videos with logitech webcam and joined them as mp4 and they worked great. I then took 3 long videos, the two I was going to send to you and a third one and joined them as mp4s .. they came out great ... Thank you so much for you help ... ”

- Ray

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  5 Stars Award at CNET
    5-Star rating on it's superb functionality

Looking for powerful but user-friendly video editing software? You’ve found it.
Enhance, highlight, and transform your video with advanced options that allow
you to combine clips, music, text, special effects, and more.

  5 Stars Award at PC Magazine
    Best Video Cutter and Joiner


GiliSoft Video Editor, the combination of three useful functions: cut, join, split.
a professional application designed to help you to make creative video.

  5 Stars Award at
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The program is simple operations create perfect works. As a video joiner, splitter
and cutter, Gilisoft Video Editor makes it easy to turn original videos into works of art...

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