Help of GiliSoft Free Disk Cleaner
How to clean junk files on my computer ?

Just select the Filters under the Disk cleaner tab and remove the specific filters you want to remove while searching.

Once completed, the application allows you to select the desired one among all the connected hard disks for scanning and after this, GiliSoft will list out all the zero byte files, temporary files and all kind of junk files from the selected hard disks. Check all those files for deletion and click Clean for continue.

How to analyze files on my computer?

The Disk Analyzer tab allows you to separately analyze each hard drive volume and view the total number, size and percentage consumed in hard disk, of Compressed Files, Image Files, Documents, Audio Files, Video Files, Others and Rubbish Files.
Under Disk Analyzer tab, you can choose to analyze all the hard drive one by one and it gives you the complete data sheet like total number of file, size, percentage consumed, file types (Compressed Files, Image Files, Documents, Audio Files, Video Files, Other and Rubbish Files).